History | 2010 – 2021


The Ergoldsbacher E 58 PLUS®, developed for large-scale properties, becomes available for purchase. +++ ERLUS develops chimneys with a P1W3G package for the new condensing wood pellet technology. The flues are overpressure-tight, moisture-resistant and resistant to soot fire.ür die neue Pellet-Brennwerttechnik entwickelt ERLUS Schornsteine mit P1W3G-Paket. Die Rohre sind überdruckdicht, feuchteunempfindlich und rußbrandbeständig .


iF material award 2011 Gold for ERLUS Studiolinie® Archi-Tectum. +++ RLUS takes over the Schlagmann company’s brick chimney division.+++ The Hohlfalz SL is produced in Teistungen.


Line 4 at roof tile manufacturing plant II in Neufahrn is reconstructed to achieve better quality and energy efficiency. +++ ERLUS achieves the highest turnover in its history, at almost EUR 119 million. +++ iF Communication Design Award 2012 for its appearance at the BAU 2011 trade fair. +++ The energy management system for the Neufahrn plant is awarded ISO 50001 certification for the first time.


The universal ventilation network ViaVento is brought onto the market. +++ Production of the new line 4 begins at roof tile manufacturing plant II in Neufahrn. +++ iF Communication Design Award 2013 for the online roof designer in ERLUS Magazin. +++ The energy management system for the Ergoldsbach and Teistungen plants is awarded ISO 50001 certification for the first time.


A new logistics concept is implemented in Neufahrn, including a truck park and waiting zone. +++ The extension for the sales and distribution department is completed in Neufahrn. +++ The Ergoldsbacher E 58 PLUS® model is the first roof tile in Europe to achieve hail resistance class 5.


The administration building in Neufahrn is redesigned. +++ The ERLUS professional apps for roofing materials and chimneys can be downloaded for the first time. +++ Following in the steps of the quality management system (ISO 9001) and the energy management system (ISO 50001), the environmental resource management system is also certified according to ISO 14001. +++ A logistics concept is implemented at the Teistungen plant, permitting greater storage capacity..


iF DESIGN AWARD 2016 for the ERLUS Linea® Sinter Brown. +++ The ceramic ceiling connector KDA comes on the market. This means that a heat-producing appliance can be placed anywhere in the room and be connected to the chimney from below through the ceiling.


A “specialist for shallow roofs” is added to the E 58 family: the Ergoldsbacher E 58 RS®. +++ The new Ergoldsbacher Scala® comes on the market – a tile model that is ideal for roof retiling or for existing tiling to be extended with new tiles. +++ The tried and tested ventilation network ViaVento is developed further: the new “Via Vento S” version fits into any wall of 17.5 cm thickness. +++ The online snow guard calculator on www.erlus.com is upgraded.


ERLUS Lotus air® is presented at BAU 2019. This roof tile contributes to reducing levels of nitrogen oxide in the air. The clay roof tile’s photocatalytic coating contains anatase – a special form of titanium dioxide that has the effect of actively purifying the air.

With the Ergoldsbacher Level RS® the ERLUS product range now boasts three models that stay raintight due to their special triple interlocking joints, and particularly on shallow roofs as well. +++ A through-coloured variant is added to the E 58 family: the Ergoldsbacher E 58 SL-D in Graphite Grey. Thanks to through-coloured clay shards, the cut edges no longer need to be touched up – which saves the technicians time and money. +++ The photocatalytically active clay roof tile ERLUS Lotus air® wins the “Product of the Year 2020” award in the “Sustainability” category.


Three through-coloured roof tiles: Besides the E 58 SL-D in Graphite Grey, the ERLUS product range is now also enriched by the E 58 SL-D in Slate Grey and the Karat® XXL-D in Graphite Grey. +++ The new Via Vento S prefab base saves time: the prefabricated base is simply set into the gap in the wall by crane. +++ The new specially designed ERLUS chimney door is a discreet solution for your living space. It stands for clear, functional design and is almost invisible.

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