ERLUS Chimney systems - Ceiling-height systems

SL, ERLUS LAF-Premiumschornstein Geschosshoch einzügig - Rendering | © ERLUS AG 2018

LAF Premium chimney SL

Universal air/flue gas chimney (W3G) built as a ceiling-height chimney for all heat sources, whether dependent on the ambient air or not
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Overpressure flue SÜ

Space-saving, double-wall overpressure flue built to ceiling-height for use with gas and oil fuel technology.
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High-performance chimney S

Classic, triple-wall, moisture-resistant, ceiling-height chimney built for all fuels (W3G)
TRIVA® Kombi, TRIVA® XL Kombi, ERLUS LAF-Premiumschornstein + Überdruckabgasleitung Geschosshoch, mit Installationsschacht - Rendering | © ERLUS AG 2018


Range of Premium chimney systems for the detached house with connections for the central heating system and wood burner/tiled stove + an installation shaft for solar technology