ERLUS Ventilation network – Product information

ERLUS Via Vento S – cleverly sophisticated, soundly built

The ventilation network for the comfortable ventilation of detached houses

How does fresh air get into your rooms? How are stale air and moisture removed? With the ERLUS ventilation network. Because it’s not just the ventilation unit that ensures the healthy ventilation of your living space but the distribution system too.

The ERLUS Via Vento S ventilation network is the universal solution for your detached house. It consists of the vertical distribution system “Vento S” and the crosswise distribution system called “Via”. The vertical shaft is very narrow and fits into any wall of 17.5 cm thickness. That gives you more leeway as to where to position the ventilation shafts in your floor plan.

Flexible – and it’ll stay that way in future

The ventilation network is compatible with any central ventilation unit (connection diameter 16). The unit can be replaced with a new one later without requiring complex reconstruction.

Robust construction for high sound absorption

The Vento S shaft elements for incoming and outgoing air flow are available as single or double flue, individual or ceiling-height elements. As the concrete blocks are more bulky than the usual spiral ducts, they absorb the sound much better.

Easy to clean

The ERLUS Via Vento S ventilation network is also particularly clean. The inside walls of the shafts have a hygienic coating that prevents the growth of algae and mould. Dust is easily removed due to the inspection openings and the Vento cleaning set. Keeping the Via crosswise distribution system clean is just as convenient. There is a branch duct with an inspection opening on every floor which you can use to reach all air ducts with the Via cleaning set.

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You can find details about the system, how it works and how it’s installed in our brochures and installation videos (only available in German)