ERLUS Innovations

Innovation is what drives us

With experience under our belts and looking to the future – that’s the basis for our corporate policy. ERLUS is one of the leading manufacturers of roofing materials and chimney systems in Germany. The highest quality, varied product range, excellent design and the personal service provided by our staff are reasons why ERLUS has earned its position on the market. But we can’t rest on our laurels. Our high quality standards spur us on every day to be even better: by developing new ideas, investing in research and presenting marketable solutions.

Customers as a driving force

Our customers come first. They’re also an important driving force where we need to improve handling or configure processing more efficiently. It’s often the small changes that have a big effect. An example of this is the anti-soot sweeping attachment, which means that the chimney sweep can sweep ERLUS chimney systems completely dust-free. This is a clean solution, particularly if the outer casing connections are located in your living area. Regarding the development of roof tiles, what also plays a significant role is that they are easy to handle and easy to lay in addition to their being well designed and made of robust materials. Take the Ergoldsbacher E 58 family, for example. It has always been refined with a view to craftmanship. The result is “specialists” like the hail-proof large tile E 58 PLUS or “all-rounders” like the flexibly versatile E 58 S.

Watching trends and providing solutions

The construction industry is changing rapidly. Here, it’s necessary to analyse trends and create technically sophisticated products. One of the developments in the industry is energy-efficient construction. This has resulted in houses becoming increasingly airtight. So healthy air exchange has to be ensured instead. To achieve this, ERLUS has developed the new ventilation network Via Vento S for the comfortable ventilation of detached houses. Vertical shafts and a horizontal air distribution system carry fresh air into all the rooms and simultaneously extract moisture and stale air cleanly and silently. In addition to its robust construction, the system is impressive because of its simple installation and ingenious details. Furthermore, Via Vento S saves valuable space: the vertical Vento S shafts are so narrow that they will fit into any interior wall that is 17.5 cm thick.

Besides structural changes, our innovations are also based on architectural trends that keep emerging. So ERLUS already recognised house builders’ yearning for Mediterranean houses years ago and offered the right shapes and surfaces on the market very early on.

The current trend is moving towards shallow roofs. One of the reasons for this is the lack of living space in cities. One effective measure to combat this is to add extra storeys to existing buildings. Another reason is more visual: a lot of house builders want a clear structure with a reduced form. In reaction to this we have designed an especially raintight roof tile and launched it on the market. The new roof tile model Ergoldsbacher E 58 RS® permits a shallow roof pitch (standard roof pitch 16°, minimum roof pitch 10°) because the water on the tile surface is channelled away perfectly. The marked profile of the interlocking joints on all sides with triple head and side locks and the direct water channel ensure that the substructure stays dry. This means that no laborious extra measures are necessary to ensure raintightness. The shallow roof pitch enables an almost cubic construction. At the same time, house builders benefit from the advantages of a pitched roof with clay roof tiles: it will last for decades, is easy to process, doesn’t need to be sealed and hardly requires any maintenance. In addition to that, it doesn’t need any extra emergency drainage measures because torrential rain can drain off quickly due to the slope of a slanted roof. That way, with the Ergoldsbacher E 58 RS® we offer a sustainable, economical roof solution that’s one-of-a-kind.