ERLUS Quality | Environment | Energy

Optimum quality in the interests of the customer, dealing with energy and raw materials in a way that saves resources, avoiding waste, minimising environmental, health and safety risks, respecting and analysing the relevant requirements of interested parties and observing the statutory requirements are the grass roots of what we do.

So that we can secure our role as a leader in the long term and be a reliable, socially responsible partner that also takes responsibility with regard to energy and environmental policy, we strive to improve constantly in every area. To do this, we use an integrated management system that we refine constantly through active use and regular evaluation.

The customer is the focus of everything we do, as we can only ensure our existence as a business if we satisfy the customer. We achieve this with an optimum company organisation involving lean processes, which means that errors and duplication of work are avoided. That doesn’t just make sense from a business perspective, as this way we conserve our resources and minimise our energy requirements so as to secure the existence of future generations.

We regard protecting the environment as one of the tasks of the company management. At all levels of the company, we deal with raw materials and energy economically, recycle materials, reduce waste and avoid hazardous waste or dispose of it properly. Maintaining and analysing our energy assessment systems delivers us precise data so that we can avoid unnecessary consumption. That not only conserves the environment but also helps us determine new targets to keep increasing our resource and environmental efficiency.

Our staff are an essential guarantee of success. We treat our employees with a particular sense of fairness and responsibility. We are strictly against discrimination of any kind, whether due to gender or any other (external) criteria. Our staff are remunerated according to their job and qualifications in line with their category on the pay scale. Non-pay-scale voluntary payments or bonuses are determined based on objective criteria, usually related to performance or quality. Freely negotiated salaries and commissions are based on position, task area and the responsibility that comes with it. Well-trained, motivated employees who act independently are a basic requirement for our high product quality and market-driven services, the prevention of any waste burden and environmental impact, and dealing with energy and raw materials economically.

The way we work is unreservedly profit-orientated and we finance our investments using our own means as a matter of principle, taking into account the lifetime cost. We reduce corporate risk to an economically acceptable degree. This includes the relevant requirements of interested parties and observance of the statutory provisions as a matter of course.

In order to achieve these targets we have set, we have designed an integrated management system consisting of quality management, environmental management and energy management. This is certified according to the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 regulations and is currently appraised annually by Intechnica Cert GmbH for the designated areas of development, manufacture and sale of ceramic building products, roofing materials, chimney systems and ventilation networks.