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ERLUS chimney systems with fine ceramic

Every house should have a chimney – with ERLUS Edelkeramik®

All ERLUS chimney systems feature our patented fine ceramic flue inside the chimney. The special ceramic is highly acid-resistant, extremely temperature-resistant and very durable. ERLUS flue systems are available in diameters of 8 to 25 cm. Each flue has a 6 cm-long protection sleeve which means that the flues can be connected to each other quickly, safely and easily. The ERLUS “W3G chimney” has revolutionised the chimney market: the flue is resistant to soot fire, moisture-resistant and suitable for all types of fuel. Even the energy of biogenic fuels can be fully utilised as the ERLUS fine ceramic flue allows flue gas temperatures that can go right down to condensation level. With the additional “P1W3G package”, even condensing wood pellet devices with pressure relief technology can be connected to an ERLUS LAF Premium chimney.

When you install an ERLUS premium chimney, you’re keeping all your options open. Or do you already know what you’re going to heat with in future?
The best thing you can do is to plan a triple-flue chimney system that you can use to combine different heating systems. For instance, you use the 1st flue for central heating, the 2nd flue for a wood burner or tiled stove in the living area and the 3rd flue – an installation shaft that remains permanently empty – for the line for the solar thermal power system. That way you’re not dependent on the heat transfer medium and can change it at any time.

Safe, flexible and independent of the ambient air.

Building shells are becoming increasingly airtight. That’s why it’s usually the case that heat sources – particularly wood burners and tiled stoves – can no longer draw their combustion air from the ambient air. This is where the ERLUS premium chimneys come in, as they are independent of the ambient air . The ERLUS chimney system conducts the necessary combustion air safely from chimney crown to heat source via a pipe between the outer casing and the insulated fine ceramic flue in which fresh air is kept circulating. This ensures safe operation and a pleasant indoor climate.

ERLUS Edelkeramik® – one flue, different systems

Our ERLUS fine ceramic flue forms the heart of all ERLUS chimney systems, which differ in layout and use. The ERLUS range includes ceiling-height systems and assembly systems with outer casings made of lightweight concrete or brick, external chimneys with stainless steel casing, lightweight chimneys to be installed later and systems for reconstruction. We offer a large selection of accessories and special components to go with these, such as the ceramic ceiling connector KDA. This ceramic component means you can put your stove anywhere you like in the room – ideal for an open-plan layout.  

Geschosshohe Schornsteinsysteme - in 60 Minuten gesetzt

Individuell auf Kundenwunsch vormontiert im Werk

Feuerstätten in geschosshoher Bauweise werden im Werk bis zu einer Länge von 7,5 m vorgefertigt, vormontiert direkt auf die Baustelle geliefert und mit dem Kran gesetzt. Die Vorteile: Individuelle Vorfertigung nach Kundenwunsch, Zeitersparnis durch eine kurze Einbauzeit, hohe Funktionssicherheit. Wie einfach die Montage von geschosshohen Schornsteinsystemen funktioniert und welche Vorteile diese Systeme für Hausherren und Baufirmen bringen, zeigt unser Film.