ERLUS | Highly hail-resistant

The certified hail-resistant ERLUS roof tile range  

Huge hailstones pelt the roof at breakneck speeds. Tiles crack, the roof starts to leak and the rain gets in. Anyone who has already witnessed this destructive force of nature will be sure to want a roof that is stable. What a good thing ERLUS has a range of hail-proof roof tiles!

Invest in a sturdy roof – it’s worth it

With these building materials you’ll be on the safe side and protected in emergencies.

This is how hail impact resistance is classified and tested

The Institute of Fire Protection Technology and Safety Research (IBS) in Linz, Austria, confirms the tremendous stability of the ERLUS range.

Discover the certified hail-proof ERLUS range

The ERLUS range is one of the best types of roofing when it comes to hail, and meets high safety standards.