Dominik Brunner was the victim of a violent crime at the München-Solln suburban railway station on 12 September 2009 when he had the moral courage to come to someone’s aid in a violent situation. The Dominik Brunner Foundation honours his memory and pursues three goals:

  1. recognition and aid for role models who show moral courage: The Foundation helps people and their families who have fallen on hard times because they acted with moral courage. The Foundation also honours people who have shown moral courage, both on their website and by public tributes at the Allianz Arena.
  2. Education and sensitisation by increasing awareness for the necessity of moral courage for our common welfare, e.g. through training courses in moral courage or the “pack ma’s” (“Let’s do this”) advanced training course for teachers.
  3. Violence prevention: The Foundations supports worthwhile projects in the work with children and teenagers both in and outside school, such as the Dominik-Brunner-Haus der Johanniter in Munich, to show young people effective alternatives to using violence.

Logo Dominik-Brunner-Stiftung