ERLUS History | 1936 – 1969


Ergoldsbach plant II is sold to the parish, which has it torn down. Today, the site serves as a location for local fairs and festivals.


Major fire at the Ergoldsbach roof tile manufacturing plant on 16 January 1938


The Ergoldsbacher E 58 roof tile rolls off the assembly line for the first time. This model is still available today and has maintained its original shape in the successful universal model series. Since then, this popular classic has been sold millions of times over.


Major fire at the Neufahrn plant on 14 May 1962: the plant is reconstructed.


The disused Ortler plants are sold to the City of Straubing.


With the Ergoldsbacher Karat®, the product range is expanded by a designer tile that still retains its timeless beauty today. The Karat is the only roof tile model on the market for a minimum roof pitch of 7°.


The Ergoldsbacher Reformpfanne is added to the product range.


Major fire at the Ergoldsbach roof tile manufacturing plant on 12 September 1968 +++ The Ergoldsbach plant is closed down and roof tile production is moved to Neufahrn. +++ The historical shape of the interlocking tile is revised and brought onto the market as the Ergoldsbacher Falzziegel, adapted to meet the laying requirements.


“Dachziegelwerke Ergoldsbach AG” purchases the shares of “Vereinigte Speyerer Ziegelwerke AG”.


A plant is built in Ergoldsbach for the manufacture of outer casings for chimneys.

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