ERLUS History | 1990 1999


The preparation and treatment system in Neufahrn is modernised. +++ Ergoldsbacher Großfalzziegel is developed as an interlocking tile covering 20 per cent more surface area.


Line 5 is built at roof tile manufacturing plant III in Neufahrn.


Staff facilities are built in Neufahrn.


A new crushing and grinding system is built in Neufahrn. +++ The production line at the Ergoldsbach plant is modernised and extended. +++ The clay processing system at the Herrenteich and Speyer plants is modernised.


The ceramic flue plant is built in Neufahrn. The patented state-of-the-art manufacturing technology at this plant is a quantum leap with regard to product quality and product variety.


The production of accessory tiles (plant I) in Neufahrn is modernised.


A grog crushing plant is built in Neufahrn. +++ Ceiling-height chimneys are manufactured at the Ergoldsbach plant for the first time.


The accessory tile drying unit at plant I in Neufahrn is extended and a special accessories kiln is added. +++ Line 6 is built at roof tile manufacturing plant III in Neufahrn. +++ The Speyer plant is leased to the Wienerberger company and the wall building materials division is discontinued. +++ Quality management system achieves its first ISO 9001 certification. +++ The first ERLUS Edelkeramik® flue with a flue liner with a CE marking comes on the market.


Line 1A is built at accessory tile manufacturing plant I in Neufahrn. +++ The Ergoldsbacher E 58 MAX® comes on the market, with the same look as the E 58 but covering 20 per cent more surface area. +++ The new Ergoldsbacher Großfalzziegel XXL® extends the product range.


A pressure-tight flue completes the ERLUS chimney range for the first time.


A new outdoor showcase installation for roof tiles and chimneys is built in front of the head office in Neufahrn. +++ iF design award 1999 for the Ergoldsbacher Großfalzziegel XXL®. +++ The Ergoldsbacher Linea® is likewise a new addition to the product range.

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