ERLUS History | 2000 – 2009


Line 3 at roof tile manufacturing plant II in Neufahrn is converted and modernised. +++ iF design award 2000 for the Ergoldsbacher Linea®. The Ergoldsbacher Forma® comes on the market. Due to its shape, it remains unique to this day.


Ziegelwerk Bernhard in Teistungen is purchased, including its extensive source of clay. +++ The entire production line in Herrenteich is sold. +++ iF design award 2001 for the Ergoldsbacher Forma®. +++ Outer casings are planed during manufacture and shipped.


The automated ceiling-height chimney manufacture is introduced at Ergoldsbach. +++ for the Ergoldsbacher Karat® in Titanium Silver. +++ The two new models are presented: the Hohlfalz XXL and Reformpfanne XXL®. +++ The LAF Premium chimney, which includes a pipe in which fresh air is kept circulating to ensure operation independent of the ambient air, is sold for the first time.


A new engobe treatment system is built in Neufahrn.+++ From now on, all ERLUS chimney systems are only offered in ERLUS Edelkeramik®. +++ The insulated flue liners of the LAF Premium chimney and the CI high-performance chimney are awarded the EN 1457 CE marking.


Market launch of ERLUS Lotus®, the first self-cleaning clay roof tile in the world. +++ +++ ERLUS changes its name: “ERLUS Baustoffwerke AG” becomes “ERLUS Aktiengesellschaft”. +++ iF materialica design award 2004 for the ERLUS Lotus®. +++ ERLUS chimney systems are the first to receive W3G approval for moisture- and soot fire-resistant operation.


iF Material Award 2005 for the Karat® LED ridge tile.+++ The Ergoldsbacher E 58 S extends the E 58 family with an ideal covering pantile that is easy to lay and remains one of the top-selling roof tiles to this day. +++ The Karat® XXL comes on the market.


The new Ergoldsbacher Karat® XXL receives the Red Dot design award.


The Ergoldsbacher E 58 SL becomes the fourth model in the E 58 series, and is ideal for restoration and renovations due to its generous gauge range.


The Teistungen plant is converted into a roof tile manufacturing plant. +++ On 12 September 2009, Dominik Brunner was killed when demonstrating moral courage by helping a person in need. The Dominik Brunner Foundation was established in November 2009. With its commitment to the Foundation, ERLUS AG wants to contribute to strengthening humanity, charity and moral courage as core values of our society instead of indifference. +++ In 2009, ERLUS AG moved away from trading on the regulated market and changed to the curb trading segment m:access at the Munich stock exchange.

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