History | 2010 – 2022


The Ergoldsbacher E 58 PLUS®, developed for large-scale properties, becomes available for purchase. +++ ERLUS develops chimneys with a P1W3G package for the new condensing wood pellet technology. The flues are overpressure-tight, moisture-resistant and resistant to soot fire.ür die neue Pellet-Brennwerttechnik entwickelt ERLUS Schornsteine mit P1W3G-Paket. Die Rohre sind überdruckdicht, feuchteunempfindlich und rußbrandbeständig .


iF material award 2011 Gold for ERLUS Studiolinie® Archi-Tectum. +++ RLUS takes over the Schlagmann company’s brick chimney division.+++ The Hohlfalz SL is produced in Teistungen.


Line 4 at roof tile manufacturing plant II in Neufahrn is reconstructed to achieve better quality and energy efficiency. +++ ERLUS achieves the highest turnover in its history, at almost EUR 119 million. +++ iF Communication Design Award 2012 for its appearance at the BAU 2011 trade fair. +++ The energy management system for the Neufahrn plant is awarded ISO 50001 certification for the first time.


The universal ventilation network ViaVento is brought onto the market. +++ Production of the new line 4 begins at roof tile manufacturing plant II in Neufahrn. +++ iF Communication Design Award 2013 for the online roof designer in ERLUS Magazin. +++ The energy management system for the Ergoldsbach and Teistungen plants is awarded ISO 50001 certification for the first time.


A new logistics concept is implemented in Neufahrn, including a truck park and waiting zone. +++ The extension for the sales and distribution department is completed in Neufahrn. +++ The Ergoldsbacher E 58 PLUS® model is the first roof tile in Europe to achieve hail resistance class 5.


The administration building in Neufahrn is redesigned. +++ The ERLUS professional apps for roofing materials and chimneys can be downloaded for the first time. +++ Following in the steps of the quality management system (ISO 9001) and the energy management system (ISO 50001), the environmental resource management system is also certified according to ISO 14001. +++ A logistics concept is implemented at the Teistungen plant, permitting greater storage capacity. +++ On 2 December 2015, an application was made to the trading segment m:access and the curb trading segment at the Bavarian stock exchange in Munich for the company’s shares to be delisted. This application was approved by the Munich stock exchange. Trading in m:access ended on 30 June 2016 at 11:59 p.m. and the company was delisted for curb trading at the Munich stock exchange.


iF DESIGN AWARD 2016 for the ERLUS Linea® Sinter Brown. +++ The ceramic ceiling connector KDA comes on the market. This means that a heat-producing appliance can be placed anywhere in the room and be connected to the chimney from below through the ceiling. +++ Pursuant to section 20(4) of the German Stock Corporation Act (AktG), Girnghuber GmbH, which has its registered office in Marklkofen, communicated that its share of voting rights in ERLUS AG exceeded the 50% threshold on 7 April 2016, so that without the addition of shares pursuant to section 20(2) AktG, Girnghuber GmbH directly owns more than a quarter and a majority share (section 16(1) AktG) of ERLUS AG.


A “specialist for shallow roofs” is added to the E 58 family: the Ergoldsbacher E 58 RS®. +++ The new Ergoldsbacher Scala® comes on the market – a tile model that is ideal for roof retiling or for existing tiling to be extended with new tiles. +++ The tried and tested ventilation network ViaVento is developed further: the new “Via Vento S” version fits into any wall of 17.5 cm thickness. +++ The online snow guard calculator on www.erlus.com is upgraded.


ERLUS Lotus air® is presented at BAU 2019. This roof tile contributes to reducing levels of nitrogen oxide in the air. The clay roof tile’s photocatalytic coating contains anatase – a special form of titanium dioxide that has the effect of actively purifying the air.

With the Ergoldsbacher Level RS® the ERLUS product range now boasts three models that stay raintight due to their special triple interlocking joints, and particularly on shallow roofs as well. +++ A through-coloured variant is added to the E 58 family: the Ergoldsbacher E 58 SL-D in Graphite Grey. Thanks to through-coloured clay shards, the cut edges no longer need to be touched up – which saves the technicians time and money. +++ The photocatalytically active clay roof tile ERLUS Lotus air® wins the “Product of the Year 2020” award in the “Sustainability” category.


Three through-coloured roof tiles: Besides the E 58 SL-D in Graphite Grey, the ERLUS product range is now also enriched by the E 58 SL-D in Slate Grey and the Karat® XXL-D in Graphite Grey. +++ The new Via Vento S prefab base saves time: the prefabricated base is simply set into the gap in the wall by crane. +++ The new specially designed ERLUS chimney door is a discreet solution for your living space. It stands for clear, functional design and is almost invisible.


To optimise picking and the loading process, ERLUS AG is planning to build an automated high-bay warehouse in Neufahrn.   

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