ERLUS Over and Under Tile manufacture

Great variety for cultural heritage management

ERLUS offers six other designs in addition to the standard Over and Under tile: the Füssen, Alter Hof, Nymphenburg, Naumburg, Seligenthal and Trausnitz models. As with the plain tile, we can manufacture custom-made commodities that are based on existing designs in our collection. Individual models can be created by roughening the surface, applying a particular finish or firing the tile in a sintering process at around 1,200°C, for example. A new design can also be developed for your property in the Over and Under tile range, of course. Please contact us!


Modell Standard | © © ERLUS AG 2021
Modell Standard
Modell Nymphenburg
Modell Nymphenburg
Modell Alter Hof | © © ERLUS AG 2021
Modell Alter Hof
Modell Naumburg
Modell Naumburg
Over and Under Tile - Natural red | Image standard tiles | © © ERLUS AG 2021
Modell Füssen
Modell Seligenthal
Modell Trausnitz

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